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Smile Again With Confidence & Great Breath by Treating Halitosis

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It’s tough to be on the receiving end, and unfortunately not so noticeable when you suffer from it. Yes, its bad breath. Many of us suffer from Halitosis – the medical term for ‘bad breath.’ This is a condition in which an unpleasant odor is present on the exhaled breath of a person. It is estimated that around 20% of the population of the world are reported to suffer from it to some degree. This is considered to be the third most frequent reason why people seek dental care, following tooth decay, and gum disease.

Bad breath can be the result of poor dental health habits and this can be a sign of other health problems. Also, the foods we eat and other unhealthy habits can make Halitosis even worse. Other factors that often affect this is the odor caused by bacteria present below the gumline and on the back of the tongue. So how can we make ourselves confident and prevent bad breath?
Here are some tips that you can try.

1.      Oral care products. Use products that are proven to be effective in fighting bad breath such as mouthwashes, toothpastes, and other related commodity. It may sound like common sense, but using the right product does make a difference.

2.      Proper dental care. Remember, brush your teeth twice a day on a regular basis. But make sure to use toothbrush with soft bristles and fluoride toothpaste. After brushing, it’s time to floss your teeth. This will help to remove any food and plaque accumulated on your teeth.

3.      Visit our dental office regularly. Do this at least twice a year for checkups and more often for cleanings. This will help to diagnose if you are suffering from Halitosis. We will give you advice and tips to prevent bad breath.

4.      Drink plenty of water. By doing this, you will keep your mouth moist which helps in washing away food particles and bacteria on your teeth.

5.      Avoid drying medication. Try not to take drugs such as pain relievers, anti-histamine, and anti-depressants when not needed. These prescription drugs often inhibit saliva flow and can cause a very dry mouth.

6.      Eat fruits and vegetables. This will help to prevent symptoms of bad breath. Foods rich in vitamin C work better to fight bad breath when eaten raw. They also help to loosen trapped food particles.

7.      Clean your dentures (if you have). Do this at least twice a day. Practice proper oral care just like you would with your original teeth.

8.      Stop smoking. People who smoke are at higher risk of developing periodontal disease and dry mouth. Smokers and tobacco users are also more likely to have gum disease, which is a leading source of bad breath.

9.      Replace old toothbrush. It is recommended that you should replace your toothbrush  every two to three months. That's because germs can hide in toothbrush bristles and can lead to infection.

10.  Chew natural remedies. You can choose from a piece of lemon or orange, fresh sprig of parsley, basil, mint, or cilantro. These can stimulate the salivary glands to fight bad breath and neutralizes odors.

Halitosis can affect a person's life in a negative way. Other people may notice if someone is experiencing Halitosis, by stepping away from you as you speak or by making faces. A dentist or physician may also notice bad breath during a visit for a regular checkup. In our office, we review a patient's medical history for conditions that can cause bad breath and for medicines that can cause dry mouth. We will also ask you about your diet, personal habits or any other symptoms to properly diagnose and treat the problem at its root.

We truly enjoy seeing the effect that a bright smile has on our patient’s lives. We believe that a healthy smile begins with knowledge. That is why one of our goals is to help elevate each patient's dental awareness and to provide you with the best tools to maintain your dental health at its optimum.

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