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Miami Beach Dentist, Dr. Rothman, Discusses Ways to Protect Your Teeth During Sports

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In the very young child, injuries to baby teeth usually result from learning to walk. There may also be damage to the unerupted permanent teeth. Sports injuries are the main source of tooth and mouth injuries in older adolescents and adults. One of the risks of playing sports is getting injured, and sometimes that means a tooth can become loose or even get knocked out. But the best time to prepare for a sports injury is before it even happens.

Below are several ways you can help prevent sports trauma and save teeth if it does occur.

1. Reduce risk of an injury

More than 80% of injuries happen to the top four front teeth, according to Dr. Padilla. Unfortunately, some people’s teeth naturally form in a way that makes them more prone to sports injuries. If this is the case, a dentist may recommend you see an orthodontist or maxillofacial surgeon to correct the problem.
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2. Get the right mouthguard, it makes a difference.

Getting and consistently wearing a custom, properly fitting mouthguard is one of the best ways to prevent sports injuries. Children should start wearing a mouthguard around 11 years old, when sports start to become more intense. However, it’s never too early to start.

Also, not all mouthguards are created equal. Get a custom mouthguard, stock boil-and-bites and conventional vacuum mouthguards do not come close to the same level of protection.
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3. Face cages: This equipment protects against trauma to the face, especially when playing certain sports positions, like baseball catcher or hockey goalie.

4. Helmets: It's always wise to wear a helmet made for the activity that you are participating in. Although most helmets won't protect the teeth and mouth, they will protect another important area – your head, to help protect against a brain concussion.

5. Know what to do if a tooth does come out
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If a tooth does come out, you need to rinse off any debris and then put it back in the mouth within five minutes, and call your dentist as soon as possible.

However, there are circumstances when a tooth cannot or should not be put back in, such as if the person is unconscious. In those instances, you should use a Save-A-Tooth emergency tooth preserving kit, or even just put the tooth in milk. Never store a tooth dry or even in water.

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