Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Staying on the Path of Health

Maintaining good health has a wide range of implications dependent on a person’s motivation, curiosity, dependability and responsibility.  Yes, I know this is a broad statement. But I must confess in my experience people with these personality traits seem to be more respectful of their health care experts efforts.  It is noticeable that they follow instructions regarding recommended care, and it seems obvious that this character trait is evident in most other areas of their lives.  In other words, they have an awareness that allows them to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful friendly, courteous, kind, obedient (when it was in their interest), cheerful, brave, clean and reverent!  Experience has led me to believe healthy people are equipped to do better for themselves and others in all aspects of life.  Good health reflects “wellness.” Promoting good health is worthwhile!
In other words, we are responsible for our health. It’s a job we cannot delegate with any surety.  However, let me suggest, it is wise to have in place a team of healthcare providers that are trustworthy because the truth is: we are subject to illness.  A primary physician should function as a “health advisor/mentor”.  Knowing many patients use technology, like the internet as their principle source of information worries me.  Not that there isn’t good information available, it’s just that not depending on the  many years of education and experience of their own carefully chosen medical advocates in conjunction with seeking outside sources could lead to serious consequences. The very worst cases are those who do not understand all the nuances and implications “out there”, which often leads to neglect or worse.
Sadly, some patients selectively ignore parts of their lives and decide to improve their over-all health by running, yoga (to name examples) but continue to smoke and drink.  On the other hand, they are those who are knowledgeable about nutrition but never follow through with any sort of medical checkup. 
The word is: good health starts with genetics but is reliant upon prevention, which requires constant vigilance.  Considering the absorbent cost of getting back to health is much greater than the cost of maintenance, not losing sight of the overall requirements in the first place seems to me goods advice.  I have quite a few patients in their 90s with a full complement of teeth and not one case was restoration free.  It is safe to say the common denominator of these smiling senior citizens is the fine level of quality restorations and their own personal commitment to keeping their teeth clean with home-care and a concerned and conscientious hygienist.  Obviously, seeing a healthcare provider on a regular and continual basis can get you thru life smiling prettily.
I’d like to recommend the book “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley…check it out.
Please take care of yourself.   With care and attention, we all will be seeking a healthier way to live the next time we meet.
Thanks for your support,

Arnold F. Rothman, D.D.S., P.A.


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